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What sort of day will you have?

October 25th, 2014

What sort of day do you think you will have? What kind of attitude do you have most days? Do you have a positive attitude? Or are you always negative or in a bad mood? Are people drawn to you because you are friendly and share a smile most of the time, or are they more apt to stay away because you are always grumpy and complaining? Are you stuck saying you have always been that way so you can never you change?

Through my life I have seen both kinds of personalities, the ones that are always fussing about one thing or another and then those folks that are always in a good mood. They seem to enjoy life more and are less stressed overall. I bet if you stopped and thought about it you could think of both kinds of people. I imagine you enjoy being around the happy folks much more

Which would you rather be known as? Being happy or grumpy? Do you think it is too late to change from being known as the ole grumpy person to that the happier person? Try it out and see how it goes. It has to be better being a happy person than being a grumpy person the rest of your life no matter how old you are.

I think we can all change if we really want to. Take small steps to start. Post something on your wall to look at to remind yourself to have a better frame of mind. Before I post this I created artwork for folks that might want to have something more decorative to kindly remind them.

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